Interpreting is orally transposing, naturally and fluently the words of an individual from one language into another, adopting the format, tone and convictions of the speaker - who is referred to in the first person.

In meetings, trade negotiations, conferences or exhibitions, we discreetly ensure that exchanges take place as if everyone spoke the same language.

Thus, following the analysis of your project, we support you to ensure the success of your international events, advising you on the type of interpreting to choose, the number of interpreters required, project conditions and, if necessary, fully organising your material.

Types of interpreting

Depending on the event, the nature and the number of participants, there are several forms of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter speaks after the speaker, notably in conferences and trade shows.

Simultaneous or conference interpreting: the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker, mainly at conferences. They are in a booth or have headphones and a wireless microphone.

Whispered interpreting: simultaneous interpreting whispered to the interlocutor in small group meetings.

Liaison interpreting: the interpreter accompanies you during visits, negotiations and meetings to facilitate natural communication with your contacts.

For interpreters, preparation is the key to success

Unlike translators, interpreters find themselves in face to face situations, dealing with difficulties on the ground and do not have any support during their assignment. It is therefore essential to define with us, in advance, topics, the agenda (for meetings) and provide us any documentation or media resources that might be useful. Then, the interpreters will have the necessary knowledge to carry out their assignment.

Our latest interpreting assignments:
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