Legal translation

The translation of legal documents requires special expertise, extensive legal knowledge and precise style.

These documents are especially important and at the same time, legal translation covers many different areas of law. This is why it is essential to seek professional linguists specialised in the corresponding area.

Through our collaboration with numerous law firms and lawyers, our firm has built a reputation for excellence, conscientiousness and speed, ensuring that each document is dealt by an experienced translator specialised in the corresponding discipline and working exclusively into their mother tongue.

Our legal translations assist both lawyers and law firms, insurance companies and legal departments of companies of a different nature.

If your business quality counts as much as turnaround time, you need the services of an expert translator with recognised professional expertise and solid references.

Examples of our recent legal translation projects:
articles of association, sales contract, licencing agreement, merger/acquisition contract, employment contract, distribution contract, call for tenders, minutes, judgments, powers of attorney, company registration certificate, patents…


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