Quality Assurance

Our translation and interpreting processes respect the highest international standards. The quality of our translations is based on the following principles:

Stakeholders management

Our translators are carefully selected and their references are checked before being included on our database for their expertise area. Then, teams are formed depending on the client’s specific field and the language required.

Upstream checking

Before starting a complex project, we verify the layout and the format of your files and prepare them in order to produce a translation consistent with the original version and to study the necessary technical means to meet your time and budget requirements.

Terminology Management

Upstream: to manage your terminology in the long term, we identify your texts, your lexicons and glossaries.
During the project: at your request, we offer you terminology validation for large or complex projects.
Longer term: we develop and update your glossaries and terminology databases to ensure their homogeneity and evolution over time.

Quality Control

This forms an integral part of all our translations and allows us, thanks to the use of advanced techniques, in the most practical and efficient way, to eliminate the major causes of potential errors in texts.

The legal and financial expertise linked to the technical nature of our processes, both upstream and downstream of your projects, allows us to guarantee the quality and standardization of all projects entrusted to us. In addition, we use CAT tools for large projects to ensure consistency of translations between the different stakeholders, allowing you to benefit from potential savings.


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