Our approach

Why do our clients choose us? Because we are totally committed to understanding every aspect of their project, so that the slightest indication, recommendation or suggestion results in specific modifications designed to produce the desired results.


Our approach is based on:

Legal and Financial expertise

Technical mastery of translation tools in compliance with the highest international standards

Customised processing of each request/translation project

Legal and Financial Expertise: specialists in legal and financial translation with proven references in these fields, each project is subject to a complete evaluation to precisely identify client requirements and afford their files the utmost processing. Au fait with the requirements of Law and Finance professionals, we understand the importance you place on:

  • choosing the appropriate professional for each project according to their area of specialty (business law, arbitration, intellectual property law, tax law, audits, banking, insurance, asset management)... and their mother tongue;
  • meeting the required deadlines, this being fundamental for any legal or financial translation project;
  • the confidential nature of your documents, which forms the backbone of our relationship with each client;
  • the responsiveness of any Translation Services Provider to meet your requirements;
  • the standardization of your terminology and texts over time.


Technical mastery of translation tools in compliance with the highest international standards: we have the best technical solutions to ensure the quality of your translations and the standardization of your projects, giving you savings over time.


A bespoke approach to each project: because each project is unique, our client service is based on the following values:

  • an understanding of your needs
  • a tailored response: a full range of language services tailored to your specific expectations for each project, regardless the volume
  • availability and reactivity: a guaranteed response within 60 minutes


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